The ability to show progress bar of chmod/chown with pipe viewer (pv)

There’s a lots of information of how to use pv together with ”dialog” as a progress indicator for a lots of different projects. For example, even pv shows an example on how to show a progress bar for taring and gzipping a file archive. But there are almost no documents that describes a similar thing for a simple chown/chmod process. Probably, in normal cases, this is not being done since such process is fast enough to not needing it. But for larger directory structures it sometimes is nices with a progress bar, rather than the verbose output of the process.

So here’s how to do it!

   # Run chown in verbose mode, but redirect the verbosity somewhere else, while pv counts the progress.
   # pv runs in line-mode instead of byte mode.
   chown -Rv $permissions $dir | \
   pv -f -c -n -l -s $(find |wc -l) 2>&1 >/dev/null | \
   dialog --gauge 'Taking ownership of $directory' 7 70 0

Adding for example ”-i 0.1” to pv will make dialog update the view more often, but it might affect the performance of the process.

Netflix and the blocking of tunneled ipv6-routes

Today I discovered that Netflix started blocking tunneled ipv6-routes. This means, in SiXXS case (which I primarily use to reach ipv6 routes), that I’m for now blocked from using Netflix this way. This also means that I have a few options, to make Netflix work again, even if I run with ipv6 simultaneously:

  • Edit the hosts-file. Make a look up on, to pick up all addresses based on ipv4. Problem: Any changes that Netflix makes, will never reach me. Besides, the streaming servers are probably named differently than only ””.
  • Disable ipv6 while watching netflix. Problem: All connectivity with ipv6 is lost while watching Transformers.

So, the real problem here is that Netflix resolves both on ipv4 and ipv6, so I need to find a DNS server that only gives me ipv4-responses, so I don’t have to guard DNS updates myself. What I did to solve this problem was, since I host my own DNS-services, therefore to set up a secondary DNS server that explicitly returns ipv4-addresses when making lookups on a ipv4-network – without the list of ipv6-addresses, like this:


In the primary master server, I’ll put up a forward zone like this:

zone "" IN {
        type forward;
        forwarders {

And suddenly Netflix becomes available again, on a ipv4-only network…

Stop the spam at the entrance in WordPress

Have you ever been bothered by too much spam in your blog? Tornevall Networks DNS Blacklist are continuosly, together with worked against spamming on the web. Now, there’s a plugin for wordpress under development, that may prevent comments to be posted if the visitors are considered ”bad posters”. You may want to take a look at the links below to find out more about it.

The first link contains all information about plans, bugs, etc (which you may get use of) and the other page is the landing site, where you also can download the first version. Welcome!

Project Planner
Landing page. File download, etc